Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday everyone.I always just love Mondays.I hope everyone had a good weekend I know I sure did.It is so hot in the south right now the trees are begging the dogs to piss on them.We had a pretty rough storm come though the other day.I always log in during a storm.I think it makes me absolutely wicked.When I smell rain coming I just go straight into lust mode.My callers that have had the pleasure of calling me during a storm knows just what i am talking about.I am going to work on getting some of the stroking assignment audio up.You can listen to those while I am not here LOL.So you can just have a little Sassa 24 hours a day.Now isn't that just thrilling.Bill....I got the new spurs thank u very much.These look so hot on my black iguana boots....When I put them on I turn my own self on he he he now that is bad LOL Ok!!!I am getting a bit naughty I need to log into NF and make a little money burning this hot energy off....I am saving for a new horse trailer so you will see me around quite a bit.


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