Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

It is Thursday and I have had a good time today.Monty called and we had looooooots of kinky play this morning.Monty is my little cucky boy :)I had 2 of my stroke addicts call today.They are both under control now.They was spending there life whacking off all the time so I had to take control and they are not allowed to touch those cocks unless my sweet little voice is ringing in there ear telling them to do so.I have had several of you back that I have not played with in a while.I know one thing is for sure.You will always come back.You cant help it my voice is as intoxicating as the sweet smell of a soft summer rain.I have been working with a local slave some and I have sure been doing some interesting things to this little bitch.He of course had a little wanking problem (((he he he)).Today I called and had him come by and I snapped a CB-6000 on him so I have this little gold key on this little gold chain around my neck....He cried as I teased him until that cock was numb in that cage.Ohhhhh he so had it coming.He said he would do anything in this world if I would show him my beautiful little puddin.What audacity for a pet to ask such.Well I showed it to him then I informed him anything meant locking up for me.Then after I got him all locked up I tied him up and rubbed my panties all over his face till his cock was about to bust the cage.Oh what a little peek can cost and you know me I just adore the word anything LOL Well I am logging in to take some calls that really got me in a kinky little mood.

Mistress Sassa

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